Crime Coverage

Company Crime Coverage – Los Angeles, California

Why should a Company Purchase Crime Coverage?

  • Dishonest employees are a reality.
  • The cost to a company for an employee theft or embezzlement and other crime related losses can be significant.
  • When the crime is discovered it is usually too late.
  • These crimes can threaten the integrity of any business.

What are the Sources of Crime Claims?

  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Forgery
  • Theft of cash, credit cards and securities
  • Computer Fraud

Sample Crime Claims

Crime claim examples are for illustrative purposes only. They are to aid in the understanding of the products and services offered by E-Risk Services. These examples are not intended to provide legal advice or to be relied upon in any dispute. Every claim is unique and bound by all terms, conditions, declarations, exclusions, and endorsements specific to each Insured’s policy.

Employee Theft: A company receives a shipment of 75 new computers. The computers were signed for, but the documentation was creatively changed to 70 computers. The computers were stored in a secure room. After two months, the company figured out that they were missing 5 new computers. An investigation into the matter revealed the change in documentation. The total cost of the theft was approximately $25,000.

Employee Theft: A supply company for retail stores reported three instances in which product was missing. The retail store reported missing supplies to the supply company. After an investigation the driver and supervisor confessed to the three thefts. The total cost of the theft was approximately $25,000.

Theft of a Company Credit Card: An employee uses a company credit card to purchase 35 expensive laptops. The employee resigns and the company cannot locate any of the laptops three month later. The total loss to the company was $122,500.

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